Sunday, February 17, 2013

A family Tree

Well I have been working on a large wall art project for the last few weeks. I have done a family tree on my wall. I have enjoyed this project immensely. I did tiling of vinyl with Make the Cut for the first time. I made my own acrylic frames for the first time. It turned out beautifully. Just like my vision. :-) first I made the tree with vinyl and tiling in Make the Cut software and placed it on the wall. It was quite the ordeal. I love Make the Cut software. If you havent used it your missing out. Then I ordered acrylic from online to make frames. I followed this tutorial from Lowes to make my frames. (Loosely) I kind of did my own thing but they are based off of this tutorial.
I substituted Nuts for the spacers because the spacers were 2 bucks each and I needed 4 per frame and didnt want to pay that for them. I got a box of nuts and washers for 5 dollars and there was 100 in there. I put 3 on each bolt to hold the acrylic out from the wood. Here is a close up of the frame. Next I put all of the frames on the tree. I put hubby and me at the bottom and then our daughter and her boyfriend on the next level as well as my son and his wife (their frame is empty they are trying to find a good picture that is wall worthy) and then our grandchildren are at the top. I love the way it turned out.