Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Presents Galore

I made 7 of these Santa Chargers and I adore how they turned out. Then I made the Joy to the World Plate with a file purchased from My Vinyl Designer and it also turned out adorable. Then Sunday I worked all day on this tile for a Secret Santa. It was a very intricate file and hard to weed so it took me 9 times to get one I was pleased with but when I did I was very pleased. I got a new machine and I havent used it much it is a silver bullet and I always just use my cougar because the silver bullet is not hooked up so I rarely use it. I think I had only used it once to test it out.. Well the 8th time using my cougar to do this plate my cougar quit responding so I had to pull out the Silver Bullet and it made the plate the first time and it was beautiful. I will be using the Silver Bullet first next time.

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