Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sign Fun

Well I have had a fun weekend. OnFriday at work my boss came in and gave me a piece of paper with a sign on it and said I was going to get this for you for Christmas but I lost it and then I forgot about it but this reminds me of YOU. I loved the saying on it it was BE  BOLD, BE etc.. and I said you know that does sound like me. I like it. I have been wanting to make some signs and try it to see if I can do it I think that may be my first. So I stopped at lowes on the way home and bought a board 12 inches wide by 4 foot long. I wanted my sign 12 x 24 so figured i would have hubby cut it in half. I came home and hubby promptly cut it in half for me and I painted it Valspar cream in my coffee. I put two coats of this on the boards. I did both because someone else had also shown me a sign they liked and I wanted to see if I could replicate it; So I painted both boards with 2 coats of cream in my coffee paint. I let these two layers of paint dry over night. while they were drying I went in to my Silver Bullet and got out my vinyl and cut the saying from it this took a long because it was a long saying. I was going to use the vinyl for a stencil. I cut the stencil, weeded it (wow that was alot of weeding) then I placed it on the board the next morning. Next I put one more coat on to seal around the letters of cream in my coffee paint. This will keep the black from bleeding under them. I let this sit until It was dry hubby and I ran some errands and I left it on there like this. Then when I got home I painted over this with 2 coats of black paint drying in between each for about 30 minutes. and then when the second coat was tacky enough to touch I took my tweezers and pulled the letters off. This part took a while to but I think both signs were worth the wait. These signs turned out beautifull and I can see me doing many more in the near future. :-)

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  1. Allandra, I just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for your amazing free files you created for the forum!


    Carmen Lucero