Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tubs , Tubs , Buckets and Tubs

Well it has been a while since I checked in I am sorry life has been Hectic. I am getting older and working harder I think. I have started to do some crafting for profit. (Not a lot) because then it becomes a job. I have started selling Origami Owl jewelry which I LOVE. Plus I am still working 40 hours a week. Plus we spent every weekend this summer at the lake... sigh. I miss summer already. Speaking of the lake I will show you the sign I made for the lake.
I also made these tubs and buckets for the lake.
Love these they were so fun! I changed the ribbon on the trash can but must not have taken another picture. It was a much fatter ribbon. :-)
I made a fun tub for a photographer to use in photo shoots here
I made a cute one for a friend for a shower present
The parents loved it but I did change the ribbon on it to..
I made halloween tubs and buckets

so as you can see I have been busy just not typing. :-) I will post some other things I have been working on later.

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