Monday, January 20, 2014

Wow I havent been here in a while.

Christmas has come and gone along with a lot of hustle and bustle. I love christmas and what it stands for the but the commercialization has killed it for me. I am glad it is over. We had a good Christmas we are all healthy and alive so that is good. :-) I got bad news January 1 my mom is thought to have dimentia. She has steadily gone down hill for years and it seems that her outbursts I will call them have gotten worse and worse lately. We are probably going to have to force her to move in with one of us kids and that is going to break her heart. As well as ours. It is so hard when someone has a disease you cant see but it effects their mind. :( The second week of January my sons house pipes burst and flooded from the third floor to the basement they have upgraded it to a catastrophe. He and his family of 2 kids and his wife are living in a hotel. The house has been gutted and all drywall and floors removed. Furniture ruined it is a mess. He and his wife are handling it all well. I have had asthmatic bronchitis so I have not been over there in fear of getting sicker than I already am. I guess you could say January came in and slapped us in the face and said I AM HERE! I still feel fortunate i have a wonderful job, a loving husband who would do anything for me even after all these years , two fantastic grown adult children I am proud of and 4 magnificent grandchildren. :-) As always thanks for stopping in. Lesa

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